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although I tend to believe in a guiding hand behind the scenes, I am going to reread the Eugyppius article. This morning I read a large part of it, but being prejudiced, I rejected it. But you are the third of my Follow group who agrees with him. I might need to rethink my reasoning ! Spartacus seems to follow the plandemic version. I have given up the idea of the wuhan story when I hear Dr Martin and his research in the particles of the 'virus'. Work to be done ! Thanks for the article ! This is what real science is - a dialogue and rearranging your thoughts !

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I recall watching a German documentary earlier this year that broke down the pandemic table-top exercises, particularly Event 201, and convincingly argued that the exercises provided the template for COVID-19 pandemic response. Pointing the finger at China appears to be more of a distraction from an exercise with origins much closer to home, particularly if you take a long view of history that includes setting the stage for globalism in the post-Soviet 90s, 9/11, the Patriot Act, and the rise of the surveillance state. I'd recommend that eugyppius read Whitney Webb's two-part Epstein book series and re-think his thesis.

How did China benefit from any of this? The only ones truly benefiting are U.S.-based Big Pharma, Big Med, and Big Tech, with the 'Five Eyes' at the apex and global bureaucrats on their payroll.

I am struggling to understand how and why traditional 'progressive constituencies like musicians, athletes, actors, and gays, went all in on statist totalitarianism including lock-downs, masks, vaccine orthodoxy and vaccine discrimination. I am particularly shocked that vaccine compliance in the gay community is estimated at 95%.

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Well I think the 'outsider' status of guys in particular and progressives in general is more propaganda than reality. Generally speaking these 'free thinking' and 'radical' groups tend to just be better at following social cues than the rest of us. All of their antiestablishmentism is just a pose.

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Great comment. I agree.

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the only gay friend in my group ran to get the jab, but is a needle worshiper from before this, and quite a hypochondriac. I tend to go with plandemic, too, specially if you see the likes of gates rejoicing in the whole farce

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Jacinda of NZ was very involved in communism prior and post her election. Probably explains, in part, her extreme version of corona response in NZ. Also her attempts to censor all dissident voices.

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As was Dan Andrews, Premier of Victoria (Australia) - where the Aussie pandemic response was the most severe & repressive. Dan unilaterally signed up Victoria to the Chinese Belt & Road initiative (supposed to be done at a Federal - not State - level, and they are full-on with the Smart Cities agenda.)

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There was wisdom in why my grandfather refused to talk about his time in the war. Because he chose to be sane instead. Have a beautiful xmas from Australia. xo

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Thanks Tarnia—likewise!

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What a beautiful name, Tarnia! Is it a family name or does it reference some literary work of which I’m unfamiliar? Whatever, it’s lovely.

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Michael thank you for the heads up on the Eugyppius article, and thsnk you for synthesising the goings on with what went on. I want to let you know that Im back on twitter and you should try too. Just make a new account. That's it! Ive been reading Jame's Pews work, you might be interested in it https://wokewatchcanada.substack.com/p/subversion-of-meaning

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Dr. Peter McCullough for President!

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We've seen the opportunism of Medicine involvement for a century now with Rockefeller and other wealthy families creating wealth from 'ill health' treatment. Designed and manipulated with PROFIT a priority.

I've continuously sent warning information to my Doctors, regarding the Efficacy and Safety of the DEADLY Experimental Covid Vaccines, but I never get a response. 'Dumb insolence' seems to be a 'Policy' - perhaps adopted by ALL UK NHS Doctors that participated in the Covid Vax CULL?

It's so bizarre to find this seems to be the case - perhaps world wide - but that infers Medics in collaboration, perhaps with Formal Instructions from 'above'! Could this really be the case?

I've asked pointed questions throughout the Vax farce but I never receive a response - even a centrally prepared general 'avoid the question' political type answer. Avoiding the unanswerable issues like;

Why do Vax makers use avoidance of responsibility for damage resulting from their 'medicines'?

Why is there no Informed Consent obtained before applying the poisonous injections?

Why are Vax related Injuries & DEATHS never discussed - implying they don't exist not are so rare and therefore 'unimportant'?

Why does the media, particularly the BBC, incessantly report Covid Stats, but never Flu stats?

Why does the media, particularly the BBC, never mention anything negative about Covid Experimental injections? Particularly 'vaccine related injuries & DEATHS?

If LIABILITY was reintroduced, Covid would disappear into insignificance and Pfizer et al would be BANKRUPT! LIABILITY = COMMON SENSE!

Mick from Hooe (IK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots!

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Uh, sure. Lovely logic. It all started in 1910. By lizards with longevity?

(Doh) !

Wakey wakey!

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Wake up sunshine:

Presented by Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA tech (rwmalonemd.substack.com):


Based on 2000 papers: https://bit.ly/research2000

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Completely disagree. But, yes China is in in it in some way. https://principia-scientific.com/2010-rockefellers-operation-lockstep-predicted-2020-lockdown/

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You're right. China stampeded us into attempting to control the outbreak because the US has been launching biological attacks on China since 1951, and the PRC (not the CCP, which does not exist, but the CPC, which does, and is not an administrative body) wanted to stage a demonstration to discourage further attacks.

Those cunning orientals knew that Western governments lack the trust of their citizens and cannot handle emergency logistics.

They also knew that the PRC does have the trust of its people AND the capacity to handle lockdown logistics.

Today, we look like shit and they look golden: 92% policy approval, 91% vaxed, GDP growth 400% faster than ours, doubled ICU capacity, high public health awareness...

This month, more fully vaxed Americans will die of Covid than all the Chinese who have died of Covid since their first recorded death, on January 11, 2020.

The world's first officially recognized Covid death occurred on January 9, in Kansas*, according to the CDC, who also 1-4% of Americans Covid seropositive** back in December, 2019, before China detected its first case.

*The world's first Covid death, Lovell Brown, on January 9, 2020. [https://tinyurl.com/6zjzuj3k].

**Serologic testing of U.S. blood donations to identify SARS-CoV-2-reactive antibodies. https://tinyurl.com/4jst5e4w.

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Hmmm. It’s not good. Masks might turn out to be the least of our worries. At least they stop facial recognition.

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China is a blunt and clumsy political instrument.

They might think they are in charge of global events, actually they are being manipulated too.

The West made Lockdowns, because it suited them.

Sure, China moved a pawn forwards, but the Knight was Bill Gates.

Do not give China too much credit: they are pawns, not kings.

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The U.S. Gov like most took China’s lead as an avenue for the great reset. A virus that can’t be seen was exploited by those in power for one purpose, power & control 🤬

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For Eu, he introduced himself shortly after I started my page. After that, EVERYTHING he says must be taken with a pinch of salt:


He bet on the wrong horse by revealing himself for what he is, because my readership is quickly proliferating.

Let it be enough that LRW keeps publishing him:



Moreover, bigger names than Eu are also half compromised:


Ultimately, it looks like Eu's latest shill fits into the latest move in the psy-op:


Anyone who is truly concerned, must focus on the globalists' ultimate weapon:


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When people ask who's really pulling Joe Bidens strings it's China and those beholden to China - Kerry, Pelosi, etc! The USA is gone and not coming back - we are quickly becoming a Third World Country! Look at the greatest city in the world - GONE! This is all about China coming in a scooping up everything for pennies on the dollar! There is no other explanation why crime continues to go intentionally and entirely unabated! None whatsoever! It's now a free for all which is how you know it's deliberate! San Francisco - GONE! Chicago - GONE! NYC - GONE! Los Angeles - GONE! Look at inflation? Look at the totally out of control illegal immigration? Look at all the food shortages and now children's medications! The list of adversities goes on and on and on! They are going at this from every single conceivable angle to destroy this County as quickly as possible and the only one who will profit is China! I think the best part is those who truly beleive they will be sitting at China's table when all is said and done will realize they were merely pawns in all of this and be killed off as well.

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Yep, I'm astonished at the deference that the world has given to the WHO despite the limited hangout from very early on that the WHO is beholden to the CCP.

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And let's not forget the American commie snake in the grass who help to found the WHO: Alger Hiss.

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Well, China did give the WHO $2 billion to make up for America's stiffing them, and China did advocate the plan it executed brilliantly and we did try to follow that plan and failed disastrously.

Three years after the outbreak was discovered (it was endemic, but undiscovered in the US in 2019) its GDP has grown 14% at a cost of 7,000 lives. Our GDP has grown 3.4% at a cost of 1.1 million lives. This month, more fully vaxed Americans will die of Covid than all the Chinese who have ever died of it.

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Not Chinese, but freemasonic. Check the founding organizers and major funders like Kill Gates!


Their dream, our nightmare. Yet, we can stop this with more prayer and political action:

The 2023 digital dollar (Federal Reserve is testing it): they plan to ban cash. We need a law forbidding banning cash. Also, a zero inflation new coin backed by real assets (gold, silver, copper, lithium, oil, soya warrants, whatever but real, since freemasons counterfeit dollars and Euros as explained by Ronald Bernard).

The 2024 WHO International Pandemic Treaty: they plan nations to give up their sovereignty to the WHO


The 2025 new plandemic: 67 P4 labs like Wuhan are working in new Frankensteins, we need a REAL non-proliferation Bioweapons Convention.


The 2026 global drought through cloud dissolving tech: we need an international anti-geoengineering Convention.

Finally, the Transparency (out-of-closet) law could be the key to unleash the movement towards direct democracy:



A law stating under severe penalty for non-compliance (even to their heirs if that is known after they died), that anyone should disclose if they belong to a secret society, especially those with the requirement to obey secret orders, such as all lodges and freemasonic and luciferian/satanic type of societies.

Penalties should be even more severe with all stake holders involved in or with all the 3 branches of government (even suppliers and candidates), finance (especially, banks, funds, listed corporations) and especially, the armed forces, even the police (that's the reason they' didn't protect the country against blatant constitutional violations).

If this law passes, you'd learn that all listed financial and corporate boards are controlled by freemasons, all the Democrats and especially all the Republicans voting for gender ideology were freemasons, all politicians members of the CFR or attending Sun Valley are freemasons, most of the Supreme Court and lesser courts, all dominant media CEOs are freemasons.

Only then people will ask for change, for example, a law barring them from all such positions. There's no deep state just freemasonry. There are no conspiracies, just freemason plots. There's no democracy with freemasonry, only conspiracy. There’s no 2030 globalism without freemasonry. Freemasonry is the enemy of the people.

Don’t get sad, move your ass! Get into politics! There’s no other way to survive the future.

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