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I thought Will's article was excellent as well. He summed up pretty much all of the questions that should be asked. Whether his conclusion was correct or not - time will tell.

Basically however, I think all governments are controlled by evil - regardless of which nation they're a part of.

PS. I'm grateful that I'm still allowed to comment here - there are so many substacks and fora (forums) which only allow commenting for paying subscribers - and I just can't afford that, so thank you - for as long as it's still possible.

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I appreciate your recommendation and linking to his post though you disagree on key points. We need to get back to that civility where you admire someone else’s work and believe it is helpful though you may disagree with it in whole or part.

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A trial run to see who would go along and who would not. It was evident right away that many of our military "leaders" used the "protocals" to see which members of the military would fall in line with the idiocy and which ones could handle the stress. The Air Force cadets who died in April 2020 were examples of those who failed the made-up stress test. From day 1, the scariest thing for our family was watching military leaders go along with everything. We used to have respect for them. We stopped after none of them would speak up about anything even though it became more and more obvious as time went on. Jones' essay was good. As always, thank you for sharing information, Michael.

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“At a high level, Jones tends to treat the Chinese government as an ordinary government, whereas I consider it best to think of the Chinese Communist Party, like other totalitarian regimes, as a sophisticated criminal organization with broad international influence”

Where’s the difference?

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Partial list of people suspended from Twitter. https://openvaet.org/twitter_thought_police?currentLanguage=en

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"...they’d love nothing more than to do this all over again if given half the chance."

If people let them do it again, they most *definitely* will. I am hoping and praying that a majority has had enough. I don't know anyone that doesn't know someone who has lost something or someone because of the utter madness of the last 2.5 years. Even if those same people are unwilling to admit it was because of the "vaccines" or the response to "covid" lots of people are realizing that something isn't quite right in this lovely Schwabian "revolution"...

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Having just finished watching the Epoch Times ATL interview with Dr. Michael Pillsbury about our government's decades long funding of the CCP, I may view Mr. Jones as a "Panda hugger", but I will still read his assessment! I consider the CCP an existential threat, so I'm with you Michael.

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The question now is, what do they have up their sleeve for the next Plandemic? Covid 19 was just a warm up. Monkeypox seems to be a foul ball. They have a lot invested in their bioweapon research. Why stop now?

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i consider every government a criminal organization. The US govt is not much better than the Chinese. After all, they put the native people in camps, they tested new meds on inmates, black people, handicapped people and orphans. And I think Xi might be right to point a finger at certain American institutions as the starters of the corona. There is a lot of circumstancial evidence that moderna started the whole thing. That explains why they had a jab at the ready when things went amok. After all the ukrainian labs are there too. If i were black I think i might move to Africa.

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My best guess is the US Is to blame and China just played along. The Plandemonium was set to strike during Hillary's 2nd term after she ended 2A, but Trump won so they orchestrated it's timing to ensure they could control elections from here on out and get rid of Trump (EDIT, 2020 elections were probably the original timing anyway). We know Milley was coordinating with the Chinese. With Hillary as president we would have already had digital IDs, Central Bank Digital Money, and phone based ESG/Health permissions scores.

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Michael, both your analysis and Will Jones analysis miss the fact that Event 201 rehearsed the entire pandemic playbook in 2019, and the fact that Event 201 was chaired by a former Deputy Director of the CIA. The CIA likely purchased crisis actors in China to produce the videos and bots that you first pointed out. The CIA is the only organization that has paid actors (posing as journalists) embedded in every country's media organizations, and orchestrated the common response through the publication of propaganda pieces and well placed social media bots. The CIA ran the psyop piece of this... the CCP was simply the boogeyman they placed there to tap in to the angst that people already had about the CCP.


The CIA and the News Media 2.0


The Origins of America's Secret Police: Ancient Roots of Occult Societies & Intelligence Operations


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Thanks for all you do to find the truth Michael.

I mostly agree with Will, I can only find one reason for the Chinese destroying their own country still, even if they are starting to ease down a bit. They believe COVID is a US bioweapon deployed against them deliberately, whether or not they are right I don't know. They suspect that infection is much more serious than what we might call the 'primary symptoms', what they think or know about long term affects I am not sure.

It is in fact entirely possible that the virus loose in Wuhan in late 19/early 20 and maybe still in China is not the same as the virus we know as COVID. Releasing a similar but different virus would be a perfect cover and proved to have other benefits, to the sort of people who would unleash a bio weapon anyway.

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Thanks Michael. Still miss your contributions on Twitter.

One thing we can all agree on is that we have not been told the truth. Nature abhors a vacuum, and we have populated that vacuum with theories. Not are 100% satisfactory, and they all reflect our underlying biases.

The balance of genomic evidence suggests it was manmade. There are too many oddities in the genetic structure. One or two,? Sure, strange things happen sometimes. But there are too many here. When you multiply these out, set it against the fact that WIV was doing precisely this research at the same time, and set it against China requesting genome data be deleted from the NIH SRA, then manmade is the most likely explanation.


SARS-CoV-2 is not a bioweapon in the traditional sense of a high kill rate. It is too weak for that.

Oddly, the virus has asymmetric pathogenicity. It is significantly more toxic to western populations than the Chinese population.

Setting aside the origin for now, it is indisputable that China weaponized the appearance of the virus. China commenced a coordinated attack on the rest of the world, utilising the following techniques


deliberate disinformation,

purportedly leaked images from Wuhan,

undue influence over the WHO,

early targeting of Italy,

orchestrated social media campaigns,

and infiltration of western academic groups and government.

Where had this led us?

Oovid has ended globalisation, disrupted supply chains, launched inflation (outta nowhere), triggered food & energy shocks, and has bitterly divided & polarized societies. Probably also changed the 2020 US election.

That’s so far

So have a manmade virus. Which displays asymmetric pathogenicity. And the appearance of which China immediately weaponized. And which has done incalculable harm to the world order.

Could it have been an accidental lab leak? Perhaps.

It may however have been deliberate release.

We have powerful cognitive biases against conclusions of this nature.


This attack was initially believed to be an accident. Even after the groups leader approached US officials and advised that some of his followers had gone rogue and carried out this attack, the FBI dismissed this confession and maintained it was an accident.

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Horse face Ardern would love to turn New Zealand into a Little China.

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I tend to see the players like Gates aligned with China. Not China alone. WEF players. The fake virus was known to be fake. No one in China isolated the virus. No one else did either. Head of Chinese CDC who was part of Event 201 said on US TV no isolated virus. So false flag and follow the game plan in lock step.

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