But see, that's not the horrible part. Not even on the scale.

It's all the parents who refused to--who couldn't even imagine--fighting for their kids because the people in their set might exclude them from the in-group.

The whining I saw on Twitter from the journalist set in high-toned neighborhoods about how their kids were suffering but--"hope this will end soon" and a billion variations on that theme--when every one of those people could have afforded to pay a HS kid to tutor their older children in person, or get a nanny for the youngest ones.

Meanwhile the truly economically straitened people were in despair for their children but had no recourse.

I just read a Holocaust survivor's obituary because I clicked through after reading Mike Hagerty's. The family was waiting to be sorted after getting off transport at a concentration camp, and her mother saw in an instant what the two lines meant, and swapped coats with her daughter so the 13 yr. old would look bigger and not be sent immediately to slaughter. The mother and 2 younger kids were sent to the death line. Imagine standing there in that moment and knowing you couldn't save the rest.

This generation of the "educated, elite" class of parents are a disgrace to rats and mice everywhere in the parenting sweepstakes.

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May 9, 2022·edited May 9, 2022Liked by Michael P Senger

i heard Laurie Garrett on a TWIV episode talking about the 1976 swine flu "epidemic." she said that the army over reacted, that the vaccine was hastily rushed out and unnecessary since the soldier in question didn't even die of the swine flu, and that the bad dangerous vaccine was taken off the market after 50 reported deaths and 500 cases of GBS (my cousin's wife spent a year in a wheelchair; i decided i'd take my chances with the flu and have no regrets). BUT, THIS TIME IT'S DIFFERENT, they all agreed. THIS IS A REAL PANDEMIC AND THESE VACCINES ARE MIRACLES AND EVERYONE SHOULD GET THEM. yeah ok, that's what they said last time. i thought, how brave, Dr. Garrett is to acknowledge the failure of that vaccine program and the damage it caused with 46 years of hindsight to protect her. had she criticized the swine flu vaccine in 1976, she would have lost her job, been censored, pilloried. sorry, Dr Garrett, but courage is telling the truth in the moment, not from a safe place in time.

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May 9, 2022Liked by Michael P Senger

This doesn't surprise me in the least. Not after Democrats committed the unforgivable sin of forcing public schools in our northern California area closed for 1.5 years thereby permanently messing up my kid's and hundreds of thousands of other kids' educations. All that just to help some emotionally crippled people feel better about leaving their homes and to "own" the conservatives. And to think I was a loyal Dem voter. Thanks, Democrats.

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I've never belonged to a party but for a very long time thought I subscribed to the values of the Democrats. At the least I did not subscribe to any of the values of Republicans, in those days.

When I was young, a long time ago, and what can only be described as somewhat of an intelligent moron, and living in a stronghold of Democratic politics, I was in a bad marriage but wanted, for some foolish reason, to have a child anyway. And I'd thought to myself that if the marriage didn't survive I could just go on welfare...

Fortunately the marriage did indeed not survive and my brief period of madness was replaced by an IUD in place for 17 yrs until it was actually the appropriate time to have a child (with another idiot husband but I was a full-time working mother and we paid our full way).

Living overseas in a mostly desperate poor country, for various lengths of time between 1976 and 2002, taught me that there's a big difference between economic class and attitudes of class regarding self-sufficiency, value of education etc., and poor people are individuals and not sub-species, and that anyone who has a basic apt. with hot and cold running water, electricity and a fridge is not impoverished.

I've voted infrequently during my lifetime but when I did, always went Democratic. I've regretted every vote I ever took but none so much as having voted for Obama twice.

I'm "none of the above" til death now. The stables need to be cleaned out with a vengeance.

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May 9, 2022Liked by Michael P Senger

For my part, I hate these people not because they lied to us, but because they seem incapable of any analysis of benefit by balancing costs. Everything appears to them as an unalloyed good. If we have to trick people into wearing masks so they subconsciously social distance so what, social distancing is good. It will slow the spread of the virus. Never, I wonder what the downsides are to making people wear masks so that they can live their lives? Will that cost outweigh any benefit? Why is this concept so hard for these people?

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I still think if "they" truly cared and wanted to "save lives" a simple mantra would have worked (especially when we supposedly didn't know what this illness was): "If you are sick, please stay home. If you are coughing and feverish and have to go to a public place, please consider a mask so you don't cough on someone. Everyone else, please continue on with your lives, take supplements, lose weight if need be and consider a healthy diet." This message repeated over and over again would have done more to "stop the spread" than *anything* that was done. IMHO, they didn't want to stop anything. This was all about another agenda and I don't know how any thinking person could believe anything else at this point. Great comment Mr Mason

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Most alarming is how compliant the masses were.

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masses”are” 😵‍💫

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May 9, 2022·edited May 9, 2022Liked by Michael P Senger

There's been no doubt for years.

Read the book by Miller: 'Unmasked'. Look at the charts showing the historical facts: the 'cases' curves follow exactly the same path in States WITH masking etc. as in States WITHOUT masking and whatever.

Simple and plain. End of story. Proven beyond doubt. On record.

The problem is getting that truth out to the people.

We are not good at it.

In fact we get abusive and call the people stupid and such.

But in fact most of the people never get exposed to that truth. They never get to see it.

We forget that we take the trouble to search out sites like this, youtube vids on this subject, read discussion and comment threads, follow links and look at scientific ( and unscientific ) papers.

Mining this rich seam like this we think there's gold bearing ore everywhere.

We forget the majority of the public are not even in the mine.

All they see is wall to wall govt and govt shill narrative.

I'm in a polling booth here in Australia yesterday. In South Australia. They dropped the mask mandate. No masks required. All the public are walking around maybe 99% without masks ( some still do - it turns out some people just like to be muzzled ). In the polling centre? Govt employees all masked. Get it?

Big Brother looking at you when you get in there. Okay you haven't got a mask on. Don't forget that's a 'freedom' we gave you. "We Gave You". And we'll take it back whenever we like.

Is that subtle or not subtle? I think not, really. I think of it as abusive. I see it as the govt literally abusing us to our faces.

And I was very nearly abused to my face. I asked one Election Commission staff why he was wearing the mask. He got immediately aggressive and personal. Immediately and quite obviously despite his face being hidden behind his diaper.

Yep. Wall to wall is how they've got it, out there 'in the open'.

Down here 'in the mine' all we can see is the gold of truth.

But they are not seeing it.

We should be plastering the most dramatic 'truth proofs' up everywhere. On every wall and power pole, in every office, tram stop, train station, library... everywhere.

But: essentially nothing. Not a thing.

I've been looking for two years and in that time all I've seen is what I've put up and that was precious little.

And two little square stickers from 'the white rose' in small country village park.

It's you and me is the problem.

Its fairly unbelievable how much help people need with learning the enormity of it all.

I told a man the Australian govt has ripped us off for 600 billion dollars in the last two years.

About a billion dollars per day each day for the last two years.

Bringing our national debt to One trillion dollars. More than doubling it in two short years.

Was he alarmed? Astounded? Indignant? Angry?

None of the above.

He said 'would that have happened if there was no Covid?' and when I said probably no then he says there you are then... It's all alright.

He seriously thinks

1. A billion dollars a day is required to fight a medical non-emergency

2. That we did successfully fight a real medical emergency.

How deluded is he?

Where's his head living?

That's the size of the problem.

I suspect people like he will never, ever, change their minds 'in public'. In conversation. Before you or I. In front of witnesses.

They need to be exposed to the truth in some blunt penetrating way such as an unavoidable graphic in the privacy of their own world egg and they'll then maybe change their minds and come forth then claiming they always knew.

But they won't do it for you or me.

They are the brothers and sisters of those who confronted with horrible mouth cancer pictures of smokers still wouldn't concede smoking can cause cancer.

It needs to be indisputable and overwhelming.

Like the charts in 'Unmasked'.

But do you see that book topping the best sellers? Do you see those charts pasted up all around town? Do you see it discussed on prime time etc?

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Yes, yes, yes! I've been saying that all along. The only possible benefit from masking is it is a social cue for people to stay away from each other. It communicates 'danger' - however, six feet is not going to do anyone any good with or without a mask.

Honestly, with a contagious respiratory virus, the only option is complete isolation from everyone, always, and they couldn't even achieve that in Antartica! In other words, there is no mitigation method that works for Covid, just like there is no cure for the common cold.

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Because social distancing really works too. Why are the dumbest among us in charge?

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May 9, 2022Liked by Michael P Senger

Was acknowledged here in the UK summer 2021. Masks were a "reminder that there was something to be afraid of", I believe it was head of the NEU who said it when demanding schoolkids remain muzzled.

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May 10, 2022·edited May 10, 2022

Yep. Summer 2020 I believe it was stated during a round of questioning in the Commons that they were intended as a "signal". (I think this came from David Halpern, head of the Cabinet Office's behavioural science unit.)

And Matt Hancock explained that the purpose of introducing compulsory masks in retail in July 2020 was to "give people confidence". So, ok, he didn't state their true purpose, but he admitted that they were a psychological tool and not an infection control measure.

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Yes, I remember that. Introduced to get people back onto the high Street at the request of British retail consortium and federation of small businesses.

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May 10, 2022Liked by Michael P Senger

"former Senior Fellow in the Council on Foreign Relations" instant red flag. 😂

Just out of curiosity Michael, who do you think has more power, the likes of the CCP (which of course overlaps with WEF, CFR etc.), or monetary institutions like the Bank of International Settlements and "national" central banks around the world?

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The CCP by a long shot, primarily because they regularly use their power for a particular goal. Central banks do technically have a ton of economic power, and could hypothetically use that power as ransom to affect policy in other areas, but they can't do so legally and can't be paid to do so explicitly; thus, they'd only really be inclined to do so, if at all, in response to bribes, blackmail, or other indirect modes of influence. So the real danger presented by such institutions is that they're co-opted by organizations like the CCP that are able to move huge amounts of cash and influence on a clandestine basis to advance undemocratic goals.

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Does anyone know the Japanese study she’s referring to?

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you cannot stop a bio agent with a mask. you need a gas mask with a bio filter. there is a reason the military does not hand out these facial jockey straps in lue of NBC gear. if none of the criminal trash in dc will go outside without a gas mask, then maybe you should be afraid. meantime,... meh,...

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They know a lot of things are ridiculous and keep pushing them. If we keep following this stuff then we are just sheep.

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