Communists always control both sides.


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Dec 8, 2022Liked by Michael P Senger

I have zero medical background , but, I like thousands or more people figured out covid is nothing more than the Flu.

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Dec 8, 2022Liked by Michael P Senger

Lots of narrative reinforcement going around. Many of us have been around these issues for a few decades and understood the "lab leak" theory was just another aspect of the "Covid" fraud being floated and have been saying so for two years.

Even many "in the know" are still trapped in some version of the Covid merry-go-round. The official narrative of "Covid" is a fiction- all facets of it. There was no "pandemic" and there was no "lab leak."

The Wuhan "lab leak" theory is used to reinforce viral fear porn. Even if the "bioweapon theory" were true we should then be relieved as it was only effective against 80+ year olds with 4+ comorbidities and assorted sickly people crammed into hospitals/nursing homes who were neglected and had loads of toxic crap jammed into their bodies and vents forced on them which blew up their lungs.

The lab-leak theory serves the Deep State agenda in that it reinforces the idea that the virus is a real problem that needs to be solved, rather than a fear-based control narrative. This "virus" is not man made in a lab in Wuhan. The "virus" was birthed in the corporate boardrooms of Pharma/Finance and leaked via a memo.

As far as any pandemic there was none whatsoever- the data on this is irrefutable. Those who repeat this lie do a great disservice to everyone by reinforcing this lie. Not only does the "pandemic" narrative serve to cover up the fact that it was mass murder directly attributable to policies mandated by identifiable individuals but it serves as a smokescreen for the entire "Covid" operation that is steamrolling people's lives.

Here are some of the things you have to believe to accept the pandemic narrative and thusly the assorted tentacles such as the “lab leak” theory:

1) The “first wave” of Covid deaths in the US- the 6 week spike- occurred almost exclusively in nursing homes and hospitals- not in the general population. This virus targeted these places and not the rest of the country;

2) This group that was targeted by this virus was elderly and sickly. The median age of Covid deaths during this period exceeded normal life expectancies with on average 4 comorbidties. They were also forced into isolation, abandoned and/or given numerous toxic pharmaceuticals beyond their normal medical regimes. This deadly virus was only able to impact those who already had one foot in the grave;

3) During this “initial wave” only 15 out of 51 (DC) states were impacted. Many of these states border one another. These states all had Democrats as governors who enacted the same policies during the very same week. The other 36 states were not impacted during this time. This virus observed borders and political affiliations;

4) During this time those impacted were almost exclusively poor and many were disabled. This GOF virus stayed away from upper middle class and wealthy people;

5) During this time this virus did not enter into Canada observing the world’s longest and one of the if not the most heavily trafficked, commercial and personal, borders;

6) This virus had no lead in time. There was no observable evidence for a coming mass death event caused by a virus. The all-cause death rate leading into Week 14 2020 was negative for the US in 2020 and spiked precisely the week the WHO declared a global pandemic.

7) This "deadly lab-leaked virus” caused no mass death in the original place of the “lab leak”;

8) The “gain of function” hypercharged “virii” migrated to N Italy from Wuhan skipping over Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran etc;

9) The “virii” did not migrate south once in Italy nor impact other parts of Europe- instead it went to Elmhurst hospital in NY;

10) The “chimeric” virii crossed the Atlantic and hit the US East Coast- it did not cross the Pacific and attack the West Coast;

And so on…

Some ‘establishment’ Covid skeptics have and/or are building cottage industries on the ‘lab leak’ mythology. If the ‘lab leak’ theory is torn apart then their credibility takes a big hit. Specific to “SARS-CoV2” as a lab created virus this story has so many holes in it that it is hard to comprehend that anyone with integrity and critical thinking skills would not walk this back if they had posited this sophistry at some point. The biggest problem as I see it is that the likes of RFK, Bigtree, Malone etc. are not just simply wrong on this matter but their insistence on using the “lab leak” red herring covers up the actual crimes that were committed.

The "lab leak" theory does not hold water and covers up what actually happened which was straight forward mass murder in nursing homes and hospitals. This had nothing whatsoever to do with a viral event and all to do with administrative slaughter and hospicide.

All of the “Covid deaths” are fraudulent and inventions from the Pharma/medical/media cartel. The vast majority are medical murder.

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Dear Michael, I love your work. You are one of my go to people for everything COVID political.

*However*, my interpretation of JJ's commentary is not a "renouncing the lab leak theory" as such. More, that focusing on a "lab leak" is now distracting from the real pandemic which is iatrocide - the mismanagement of global health by theocratic public health dictats (and dictators). It basically doesn't matter whether a virus was made for real or created in silico and whether it was seeded deliberately around the world or transmitted through the air or whatever. What matters is that they used the fear of a virus (which was never that deadly) to impose medical pathways on the world that caused deaths and are still causing deaths.

I might be wrong but I'm reasonably confident that JJ doesn't want to ignore the role of the people behind this. And it was never a leak anyway - it wasn't accidental. The whole debacle was deliberate.

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How about if people stop talking about a "lab leak" and address the possibility it was a "intentional release of a bioweapon"?

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Dec 8, 2022Liked by Michael P Senger

Dr Denis Rancourt (physicist in Canada) had been disputing pandemic from the start looking at all cause mortality. No flu in 2020 either?

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I respect JJ so he can think what he wants, but we disagree - the bio-weapon is quite real, quite man-made, and quite genocidal in its application, whether airborne or injectable. It wasn't made up. I've been exposed. It felt like no other disease.

I also respect all the other members of DRASTIC and agree with their assessment that this is indeed a bio-weapon.

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OK, so if we accept that there was no lab leak, no novel genetically engineered coronavirus which travelled around the world and caused a pandemic, then how do we explain all of the clinical evidence for highly unusual blood clots caused by infection with a virus which doesn't exist? How do we dismiss all the scientific research linking the unique SARS-CoV-2 spike protein with the formation of these highly unusual blood clots, plus other life threatening complications, both in infected people and in those who have been given the Covid 'vaccines'? How do we explain the long stringy fibrous clots being pulled out of corpses by embalmers? A highly sophisticated psyop? Do we, as one 'fact checker' claimed, just assert that these are 'normal' clots which have always been found in 50% of corpses and that therefore embalmers are lying? Until these questions are answered, I shall remain sceptical of the claims of those people who maintain that there was no virus, no lab leak, no pandemic, merely a re-branding of mortality statistics helped along by an iatrogenesis and a very effective propaganda campaign..

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I won't dismiss this immediately because from my own experience I understand that this is a very plausible situation that SIS could create. However, I have to refer to my own personal experience.

I have never had 'flu' in my life (I'm 78 and trust I have the wisdom of years & experience) - neither had my parents nor my present family. And yet at a Xmas gathering in 2019 we all went down together with a bug which had a range of symptoms for each of us. My wife was particularly affected as was my Ex. Both spent a month in and out of bed, temperature, sickness etc. This was no normal infection for us - A&E could only prescribe antibiotics which did nothing.

I had a hacking cough for a month and breathlessness and I remained short of breath until my doctor prescribed an inhaler which I continue to use. I have inherited a very strong immune system which I continue to boost, especially vitamin B. I work with medical professionals around the world and during the course of my career as a corporate systems consultant I have examined many large corporates.

In 1985 I undertook a contract with the Wellcome Foundation and was required to pass through their labs where they were working on a treatment for HIV. In the hotel that evening I met a microbiologist who work for Shell. He told me he sold 'bugs', synthetic bacteria which they engineer for a variety of uses. I have also visited Porton Down' UK and many other research establishments around the world.

I suggest that maybe, perhaps you are being persuaded that a lab leak is not true because there is now so much credible evidence to point to a genetically engineered pathogen - a double-double bluff.

I have come across such a strategy when dealing with sensitive military establishments. However I do concede that trying to sort out theatre from fact is very difficult indeed and of course controlled opposition is used often.

In the end I always follow the money and the UK are past masters at subterfuge of the highest order: https://www.theburningplatform.com/2022/11/29/did-you-know-that-only-one-square-mile-dominates-the-entire-planetary-civilization/

I have learned that nothing is ever what it appears to be - this 2-min video should do the trick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLz9ewBt-dw

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The CIA does the double-bluff a lot: scandalous theory --> censor said scandalous theory and VOILA! public is distracted from the real story. Every passing day, I become more convinced this was a pandemic of malpractice & malfeasance. I tweeted this last night. When I refer to 'Covid,' I'm talking about the entire emergency -- in and of itself: "Covid was no different than Communism or terrorism. The Power Elite created it to instill fear of an enemy, sow division, distract, divide & disempower the people yet more. It conveniently wiped out those who burdened government healthcare. Totalitarianism + Eugenics #FalseFlag"

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Dec 8, 2022Liked by Michael P Senger

His interview is Denis Rancourt is worth a watch https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1671925424

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https://misterkel.substack.com/p/gof-double-head-fake - my take on this.

Kudos to Couey for following the science where it leads.

I've never cared one way or another if it was a lab leak, because it's not really relevant.

CV is a big fucking zero mainly.

Here's another version:

Lab leak was real, but the Sars-Cov2 was no more pathogenic than a wild CV.

They jacked the numbers with treatment protocol murder.

they are using the Lab Leak theory just as Couey describes.

He would have been better to use this scenario for 2 reasons:

More palatable to those invested in the LL theory.

2 - Shows clearly that GoF is a non-threat, just as he claims, with real world proof. They tried to create a killer virus, and 12 Monkeys it out there, and it flopped.

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Looks like the Biden regime is doubling down on the zoonotic origin.

Covid was a bioweapon created and funded by the US government.

NIH funding documents prove it.

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I’m sorry. While an interesting POV, I don’t buy this Scooby Doo idea. I don’t see that he offered compelling evidence in this article at all. Gain of Function is extremely dangerous and to ignore that is willfully ignorant. I knew within the first months that Wuhan was involved with GOF and that we were funding it as there was a paper discovered that showed this clearly. Everyone wanted to blame China but our government agency leaders funded this so the truth is we have Americans selling out our country for profit in collaboration with Chinese elites. The spike protein is toxic and not found in other coronaviruses. Please tell me how all the real coagulant events found in people affected by SARS Cov-2 are similar to what happens in flu or colds? They don’t. This was manipulated in a lab to become a bio weapon and there certainly is more to come.

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Seems to me there's enough cognitive dissonance in Couey's account to keep Freud himself on the couch for many years to come haha. Not arguing the controlled oppo thesis, but it certainly looks like a bioweapon along with the necessary supporting narratives (i.e., controlling both sides as rightly observed below) have been deftly utilized in the larger agenda to impose a bio-psychological lockdown on the whole of humanity with zero plan to back off. No real mention of the biosynthetic aspects, the AI, the S-2P spike pathogenic toxin, though the sleight of hand that swirled around whether lab leak or not is well characterized here I think. Thanks Michael!

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The purpose of a system is what it does.

Ask yourself: What is the "Covid "Pandemic™" doing?

Now that you've ID'd the why, you can work backwards to find the how and the what.

I don't know about you, but I'm inclined to believe that the people behind the 'why' are unlikely to leave things to chance, such as the sort that would involve the uncertainty of outcomes surrounding the release of a virulent and transmissible (not to mention quickly mutating) pathogen into the wild.

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