Sitemap - 2022 - The New Normal

2022 Was the Year the COVID Mandates Collapsed. Let 2023 Be the Year of Reckoning.

Twitter Account Resurrected

Interview with Russell Brand

A Deep Dive into Disinformation, Censorship, and Information Warfare in the 21st Century

FBI Agent Elvis Chan Gave Twitter Execs Top Secret Clearance in Advance of 2020 Election

NYT Falsely Reports COVID’s CFR is 3%, Overstating it Several-Fold

Jeremy Farrar Promoted to be WHO’s Chief Scientist After Acting as Lead UK Lockdown Advisor

Eugyppius on the Pandemic Plans Decades in the Making

DRASTIC Founder Renounces Lab Leak Theory of COVID’s Origins

My Latest Panel with Dr. Paul Alexander and Justin Hart

The Gall of Lockdowners Supporting China’s Anti-Lockdown Protests

Chinese Protest the Same Lockdowns that Elites Advocated Here

Sam Bankman-Fried and the Pandemic Industrial Complex

The Earliest Events of the COVID Coup

Michael Callahan: DARPA’s Ventilator Guy in Wuhan

DeSantis Delivers in Huge Win for the Anti-Lockdown Movement

Republicans Need to Get Serious About the Genesis of Lockdowns if They Want Voters

All the Celebs Upset at Paying $8 for Twitter Supported Lockdowns

Vote Them *All* Out

“Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty”—Not

Lockdowns: The Great Gaslighting

Elon Musk to Become Twitter CEO, Reverse Lifetime Bans

NY Supreme Court Orders Reinstatement of All Unvaccinated Employees with Back Pay

Judge Orders Fauci to be Deposed on Social Media Censorship

Former General Secretary Hu Jintao Dragged Out of Chinese Communist Party Congress

Covid Vaccines Added to Child Immunization Schedule in Ghastly Move by CDC

Health Officials Dumped Stocks in January 2020, Before COVID Was Declared an Emergency

Jeremy Hunt: Xi’s Man in London

New Study from Ioannidis: Covid’s IFR in 2020 Was Less Than 0.1% for Those Under 70, Even Lower Than Previously Believed

A Look Back at the Demonization of the Unvaccinated

Nuremberg II: What a Real Inquiry into the Response to Covid Would Look Like

An Estimated 30,000 Americans Were Killed by Ventilators & Iatrogenesis in April 2020

Peter Daszak Awarded Another $650,000 to Study Bat Coronaviruses and ‘Assess Their Ability to Infect Humans’

How the Federal Reserve Bought Support for Lockdowns

No, Lockdown Instigators Do Not Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt

The REAL Story of the Birth of ‘Social Distancing’ — the Western Term for Lockdown (封锁)

Leading Virologists Wrongfully Assumed Covid Began in Wuhan in December 2019 in Major New Study

No, New UK PM Liz Truss Was Not ‘Always’ Anti-Lockdown

Fauci’s Red Guards: Lawsuit Reveals Vast Federal Censorship Army

UN Waters Down Evidence of Genocide in Report on Xinjiang

Whistleblower Reports Twitter is ‘Dependent’ on China, Overrun by Bots

The China Situation Isn’t As Bad As It Looks. It’s Far Worse.

Downfall: Anthony Fauci Resigns

Matt-a-Lago: Was Matt Pottinger Behind the Raid on Trump’s Residence?

Sycophancy to China Is the Only Possible Explanation for Western Elites’ Incoherent COVID Narrative

Xi Jinping Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize Far More Than WHO

White House Specifically Targeted Alex Berenson for Covid Censorship, Newly-Released Documents Reveal

Gender-neutral Joan of Arc at Globe Theatre Will Use Pronouns “They/Them”

CDC Quietly Ends Differentiation on Covid Vaccination Status

The Dragnet in Lombardy, Italy: Patient Zero of Lockdowns

Trudeau Had No Scientific Basis for Ban on Unvaccinated Travelers in Canada, Court Docs Reveal

NYT Goes to War on Parents Opposed to School Closures & Mandates

Template to Export Lockdowns Existed by 2014

UK SAGE’s Susan Michie Promoted to Lead WHO’s Nudge Unit

Matt Pottinger: The Intelligence Agent Who Shut Down America

Deborah Birx’s “Silent Invasion”: a Guide to Destroying America From Within

Shinzo Abe, Fierce Opponent of Communism & Covid Mandates, Assassinated

Vast Majority in World Say They Lost Too Much Freedom During Covid

Big Tech isn’t Woke. It’s Totalitarian.

How the Sausage Gets Made

Ding et al Form World Health Network, Declare Monkeypox Pandemic

The Mainstream Begins to See Lockdowns were a Catastrophe

Radio Host Explicitly Wishes Xi Jinping Was in Charge of Canada’s Covid Response

10 Ways to Fight the Biomedical Security State (With Pictures)

What Thoughts on Covid are Being Self-Censored?

Alex Gutentag Censored as Twitter’s Purge of Regime Critics Continues

Covid-19 and the Will to Power

Lockdowns Killed Over 170,000 Americans per NBER Study in NYT

NYT: Something Was Lost in Lockdown in America—err.. China

Twitter Censors Journal of the American Medical Association

A Response to Eugyppius’ Review of Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World

Boris Johnson Survives Confidence Vote After Tories Reveal Jeremy Hunt Wanted Chinese-Style Quarantine

World Socialist Web Site Accuses Sweden of Herd Immunity Conspiracy

Lockdown is a National Security Catastrophe

Rethinking the Legal Protection of American Police for Cowardice

Interview With Epoch Times’ Jan Jekielek on American Thought Leaders

The Importance of Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World

The Prophetic Monkeypox Simulation

What Does the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Really Do?

The Silence of ‘Disinformation Experts’ on Lockdowns

“The Major Efficacy of a Mask is That it Causes Alarm”

Interview With Dr. Drew on Covid

How Covid Lockdowns Came to Italy

Elon Owns the Libs—Literally

Hoshino Implodes: Covid “Frontline Doctor” Exposed

Our Failed COVID Response

Bombshell Study Proves mRNA Vaccines Didn’t Reduce Mortality

The Campaign for Permanent Masking

The Mask Cult Melts Down

US Airlines Dump Mask Mandates

Does the Shanghai Lockdown Absolve the Chinese Communist Party?

No True Scotsman: Lockdown as social and political phenomenon

A Superb Review of Snake Oil by Eugyppius

Shanghai Has Recorded More Than 130,000 Covid Cases—and No Deaths

One Giant Fraud